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Welcome to Social Circus Myanmar

MM welcome to Social Circus Myanmar

We are engaged in delivering Social Circus in Myanmar as a tool for social and personal
development for  children, youth and young adults.

burmese we are engaged

We use Crowdfunding and Donations to fund our work. We also deliver workshops and small shows in Myanmar to raise money locally. We work with up to 160 children per week from Nov to March each year, and engage with 100s more with one-off circus activities.

The project is current closed due to the military coup and the upcoming civil war in Myanmar.

You can show your support for the people of Myanmar and add to the protest against the murderous military  dictatorship by raising your 3-finger salute at

Winter 2020-21? We can’t do it. Panned by the pandemic

Hello Friends and Social Circus supporters. I dearly hope you are all healthy, well and surviving the pandemic, and the economic challenges that it is causing. It's been long time since we posted anything... got caught up in that pandemic lockdown stuff... for months now! We won't be able to deliver our usual season of activities in Yangon this winter. Myanmar schools and children's centres are sensibly mostly closed/have limited access rules and there are national/regional/local travel restrictions in place. So it's just not feasible to deliver workshops - we would be going to 7 or 8 locations each week ...
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Contact us in Yangon

From mid November 2019 to mid Feb 2020

to arrange a workshop or show at your
School Fun Day or Event. We also offer a Team Building/ Business Management Training using juggling!

Inspiring Change through Circus Skills in Myanmar

Social Circus Myanmar is a project to develop social circus in Myanmar. We believe that Social Circus is a useful tool for engaging with children and young adults to support development of their their personal skills, empower them to participate fully in civil society and to spread an agenda of sharing, tolerance, diversity and love through the use of Play and Fun.

MM Inspiring change

MM SCM is a project

Our Values: Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, Gender Equality, Sharing, Learning through Play and Fun, and Creativity.

The goal of this project is to build a framework for a locally-led social circus network in Myanmar which nurtures and empowers disadvantaged children and young adults, and people living with disabilities.

Social Circus Myanmar Crowdfunding video 2018-19

Social Circus Myanmar Crowdfunding Video 2017-18

Social Circus Myanmar Crowdfunding video 2016-17

Slideshow Social Circus Myanmar 2017 – 18

This is a VR/360 video and needs to be viewed on YouTube or with YouTube app

Social Circus Myanmar Slideshow 2016-17

Eden Centre for Disabled Children, filmed Feb 2017, featuring Saya Pho Ke

Slideshow Social Circus Myanmar 2014-15

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