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Social Circus Myanmar is open for donations!

We have introduced new ways to make your donation!

The best way for us is a donation made by Bank Transfer and you can pay in GBP, EURO, USD, AUD, NZD, Swiss Francs or Thai Baht. (click on the Donate Now button and choose Offline Donation).
If you’ve donated before and trust us :)! then we ask you to use this method as it costs very little in processing charges.

You can also donate using Paypal in your own currency (using PayPal, Debit or Credit Card). This may be convenient for you and it costs us about 3% in handling charges.

Or you can donate to our annual Crowdfunding campaign at StartSomeGood once it starts about Nov 22nd.

blank-thank-youEvery donor will receive a Thank You photo and be added to The Roll of Honour.

Donations of $100 (or equivalent) or more will receive a t-shirt!

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Can you trust us with your money to deliver the project?

Go to our Reports page and read how we have used donations previous. Each report has a summary of income and costs. If you want a more detailed set of costs then ask us and we will send you a line-by-line breakdown of costs.

Social Circus International

Who looks after the donations?

Social Circus International was set up in 2017 as a company limited by guarantee in the UK (Reg#: 10865040); it has a board of directors and it collects, holds and distributes the donations; monitors and checks delivery and the spending involved in the Social Circus Myanmar project.

We’ve removed offline donations for the time-being as the project is not operating. We are still taking donations via pay-pay

Reduce our banking costs by paying by bank transfer! Choose Offline donation and we will send you our bank details relevant to your chosen currency.

Or you can pay by PayPal (or use a debit or credit card) in your own currency (costs us 2.9% +20p per transaction) Chose whichever method is most convenient for you.

When we send you our bank details you can choose how much to give in your currency.

It’s proved impossible to find a free plug-in that does multiple currencies. We operate on a shoe-string so we can’t afford to pay for ‘pro’ versions of donation forms. I hope that its not too confusing! 

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Pay with PayPal, bank debit or credit card in GBP 

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Pay with PayPal, bank debit or credit card in USD$

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Pay with PayPal, bank debit or credit card in NZD

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Pay with PayPal, bank debit or credit card in EURO

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Pay with PayPal, bank debit or credit card in AUD

Donate in Swiss Francs!
with PayPal, bank debit or credit card in CHF

Donate in Thai Baht!
with PayPal, bank debit or credit card in THB

Our Crowdfunding Campaign will start about Nov 10th and you can donate via that if you prefer.

Thank you.

You will be donating to Social Circus International – the not-for-profit limited company that looks after the funds for Social Circus Myanmar. These funds go to Social Circus Myanmar’s project costs for delivery. All non-myanmar people involved in Social Circus International/Myanmar work as volunteers: we do not get paid.

Thank you, chin-zu tin ba day, merci, gracias,  gràcies, grazie, dank u, danke, obrigado, tak, shukran, diolch, dhanyavād / shukriya, děkuji, mahalo, hvala, M̀h’gōi, Xièxiè, kiitos, tack, terima kasih, dziękuję, ευχαριστώ, köszönöm, arigatô, todah, tänan, takk, 감사합니다 choukrane, nandri, kop khun, teşekkür ederim, спасибо