The Social Circus Myanmar project

We deliver our workshops in 5 or 6 different locations each week (the same place each time). Our Group sizes range from 15 to 30 young people. See below for details.

We work with children, teenagers, young adults and some adults.

About 110 young people have been trained in regular workshops delivered weekly. The workshops and performances have also created substantial interest in social circus activities amongst civil society groups in Myanmar.



The aims of the Social Circus Myanmar project are to:

  • Deliver circus skills workshops to existing teams of young people from marginalised communities
  • Expand circus skills workshops to other participants and areas.
  • Provide tutor training for locally-based jugglers and circus artists so they are able to run regular workshops throughout the year.
  • Provide teaching materials, specialist trainers, equipment, monitoring and evaluation to support learning goals.
  • Develop the performance capacity of participants and tutors.
  • Develop funding streams locally and internationally
  • Develop a plan with Myanmar partners to establish a social circus network and training centre.
  • Partner with other creative, educational and civil society initiatives




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