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Winter 2020-21? We can’t do it. Panned by the pandemic

Hello Friends and Social Circus supporters.
I dearly hope you are all healthy, well and surviving the pandemic, and the economic challenges that it is causing. It’s been long time since we posted anything… got caught up in that pandemic lockdown stuff… for months now!
We won’t be able to deliver our usual season of activities in Yangon this winter. Myanmar schools and children’s centres are sensibly mostly closed/have limited access rules and there are national/regional/local travel restrictions in place. So it’s just not feasible to deliver workshops – we would be going to 7 or 8 locations each week and may become spreaders ourselves even if we tried to run the activities.
Let’s hope that in autumn 2021 we will be able to re-start our engagement. Usually, I would be flying to Yangon this week. (Sigh!).
I’ll be compiling a project report and accounts on the the last season soon and hopefully posting some inspiring photos and videos to remind you of the great and beautiful work you have made possible for the last 6 years. Stay safe Friends.
Yours with Love, Social Circus and Best Wishes always. Thank you for your support and kindness over the years. x Jules

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