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“Everyone needs to have fun!”


Updated 28 October 2014

International Juggling Festival
Yangon, February 2015
Entertainment, laughter and fun will take center stage as the first international
juggling festival ever staged in Yangon, Myanmar, invites local, regional and
international jugglers, street theatre and circus performers to come together for a week of extraordinary activities from 9-15 February 2015.
The festival is organised by the Serious Fun Committee which has successfully
staged similar events in neighboring Laos and Thailand, in partnership with the
Smile Education and Development Foundation in Yangon. It has a serious
mission behind the fun. The festival aims to bring people together and bridge
gaps, teach new skills to disadvantaged children, provide training and promote
regional and international linkages for local performers, and celebrate Myanmar’s remarkable juggling heritage.
To achieve these aims, international jugglers will travel to Yangon to perform and teach for free, making their own generous contribution in support of this exciting ground-breaking initiative.
Planned highlights include:
Fun in the park – a day of activities, amusement and performance for all,
featuring walkabout theatre, games, workshops, juggling olympics, and a
free big show featuring top international performers starting at 6pm.
Children’s juggling project – workshops with disadvantaged children
including disabled groups, giving participants a chance to learn new
skills, have fun, build confidence and experience success. The finale of
takes place during the festival when children and adolescents trained by
Serious Fun join international jugglers in shows for their communities and
the public.
Training and development for talented local performers, delivered by some of the world’s best jugglers.

Serious Fun co-ordinators are working with local groups to identify locations for
community workshops, which will start in December. We are seeking sponsors,
raising funds for specific activities and arranging venues for public events.
The festival will reach out to diverse communities across the city and bring
people together in a spirit of fun. This unique event will be a valuable, rewarding and entertaining experience for all involved.
Concept developed by Jude Smith and Virginia Henderson
Mobile: 09 250156750 Yangon. Email:
Serious Fun Committee

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