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Everyone needs to have fun!

This is our tag-line for the Festival in Yangon “everyone needs to have fun!” In the long rainy season comes to an end in Yangon, Jude and Virginia from the Serious Fun Committee have been running around the city, dodging floods and traffic jams, talking to people about plans to stage the International Juggling Festival in February. They may be potential sponsors or supporters, have venues we would like to use, or looking to join in as participants. Without exception the magic happens when we open our presentation book with an outline of our plans and photographs of some of the very special performers who are coming “I want to see this. I’ve never seen this before” seems to be the most common response. People love the idea of international jugglers making their own way to the city to create some fun with and for the people there. And they enthusiastically embrace the tagline for the festival “everyone needs to have fun.” After decades of uncertainty, this seems to fit in with a more optimistic view of the future. We were hoping to come across people who might have heard something about Myanmar’s remarkable juggling heritage, but so far we’ve been telling them about jugglers from Burma taking Europe by storm in the late 1800s. See our earlier post. This history seems to have been lost. We’ll keep asking though. The Serious Fun programme kicks off with community workshops in December, run by Mr Jules who will be teaching juggling and other circus skills to children in different parts of the city. The aim is for the children to develop a show that they can perform for their community along with international jugglers in February. Jude Serious Fun Committee

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