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The Press Conference – Festival Launched!

The Press Conference took place today at the Sule Shangri-la Hotel and was a great success. Many journalists, newspapers, TV channels. We wait to see what now appears in the Press and TV.

Jules briefs the Press From left U Kyaw Oo (Principle Training School for Boys Thanlyin), Shangrila manager, Myo Win Smile Director From left U Kyaw Oo (principle Training school for boys Thanlyin), center Jude Smith Juggling festival organizer, right Myo Win Smile Director being at the press conference Slideshow of the kids we have worked with

We were joined by Director of Smile Education and Development Foundation, The Headmaster of the Boys Training Centre Thanlyin, along with two of the young Burmese jugglers that we have been training there.

International Artists Ben Zudd, Captain Finhead, Natalie Brown, MiMi and Haggis Mcleod displayed juggling skills and tricks for many cameras.

Many thanks to all who came along and made it possible!

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