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Yangon Juggling Festival update #1

As word about the juggling festival in Yangon spreads, it has brought us into contact with people involved in the growing social circus network in South East Asia and some very interesting circus-related projects in the region.

One of the projects is the Red Nose Foundation in Indonesia, which has delivered training and education to over 75,000 children since it began in 2008.  Founder Dan Roberts is planning to join us in Yangon, and hopes to bring several Red Nose youth with him.  Aged between 16-20, they are performers and coaches for the Red Nose Foundation. In Yangon they’ll be keen to learn new skills in the festival master classes, and to pass on their skills in community workshops. We know there are young people in Yangon who have been learning the circus arts and it’ll be a lot of fun to bring everyone together.

So if you are coming to Yangon with us, we hope you can lead some master classes. Let us know what you could offer.


Clowns Without Borders have also put us in touch with some of the local performers they’ve been working with over the last 10 years, since they first started doing projects in Burma/Myanmar. There’s fascinating accounts of the CWB tours in various parts of the country at

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